I have learned the necessary principals behind being an effective leader. Anyone can be appointed into a leadership position, however, not everyone will succeed. Being a leader is not about making everyone happy. Being a leader is making tough decisions in the face of scrutiny that will better your constituents and reflect their views in your decisions.

Every one of your decisions will not be popular with all, however, a leader makes clean cut decisions based upon his knowledge of his constituents. Then, a good leader will show others why they have made the decision they did. An explanation is a key communication tool that is unused today by government.

My Experience

While I may not, at this time, have any commissioner experience, I own and operate five small independent businesses. My wife and I make all financial, personnel, and other management decisions on our own. All businesses are successful, healthy, and growing.

It is not difficult to know what is the right decision to make. It is difficult to obey this knowledge and to force yourself to do things the right way, even if it is a little bit harder. Going that extra distance is where I excel.

I am willing to put in the work necessary for this county to be successful because I perform the same tasks on a daily basis for my own establishments. I expect no less than 100% from myself or any other public employee.

I have learned in this life that a man is only as good as his word, so I always do what I say I am going to do. If I cannot accomplish it, I will tell you that. I also finish what I start. A task left undone should have never been started at all.

 I believe that, sometimes experience in the field is a negative factor. Sometimes, candidates get too comfortable in their elected positions. They begin to neglect voter’s needs and stop performing to the best of their ability.

I will never allow myself to get to this point. I will always perform my duties to the best of my abilities. If I ever feel the need to cut corners, I will not seek to be re-elected.


In Jackson County

Honesty and Integrity

Although I have never actually held the office of County Commissioner,

I have great experience in all levels of finance and business. I own five successful businesses currently and have never opened an unsuccessful business. I have many employees that respect me and I also respect them.

Anyone that has ever operated a small business knows the enormous amount of time and persistence that is involved. I enjoy solving problems and helping out in any way possible. I love to work hard and to help others.

My grandfather had his own tire store that I helped him run and when he retired, he passed the store to me. I still work in the stores today. I have been working for this company since I was fourteen years old. I have always had a tendency to lean toward blue collar work, and I want to represent blue collar, middle class Americans around the county.

I am a lifelong resident of Jackson County. I know this county very well, as I have lived in various parts of it over the last thirty years. I graduated from Brownstown Central High School in 2002 with an Academic Honors Diploma and had a full ride scholarship available to IUPUC, which I declined so that I could help my grandfather.

"One simply cannot create experience, one must undergo it."

Albert Camus

Being an Effective Leader

Management Skills