We must all remember the first three words of our Constitution and realize that it applies to every U.S. citizen, regardless of gender, race, sexual orientation, religion, heritage, working class, wealth, etc. It begins...

 “We the People…”

 This goes to show you that the Constitution is of the people, for the people, and by the people. It does not pertain only to the wealthy. It was not written by corporations or lobbyists. It was written by our ancestors and founders. Our founding fathers authored this document after defeating a similar tyranny that we now combat today.

   Government is so large today, that it interferes daily with its citizens, but it accomplishes nothing. The majority of Americans have little to no idea what is happening. This is the exact opposite of how things should be done.

Our government should simply be a mirror. When the citizens of this country gaze upon it, they should see themselves, their ideals, and their beliefs reflected back upon them. However, they see nothing.

 I think the best interests of eighty percent of our population is best served by the Democratic Party. Although I will work with Republicans and even share some views with them, the Democratic Party is, in my opinion, the only party whose values strongly reflect the majority of the United States instead of the corporations and lobbyists.

The reason that I have always held fast to the Democratic Party is a simple choice to me. I work hard, just as the majority of all Americans do. Having strong ties to blue collar labor and its middle and lower class members, as well as knowing how hard it is in this day and time to raise a family is important to fully understand what is best for constituents.

I believe that the Democratic doctrine serves the majority much better than that of the Republican doctrine. I see much more effort to assist the less fortunate and a much better blue print for the economic development of this country. I believe that all economic government stimuli should be focused on the lower and middle classes.

   I also see many major Republican candidates that are holding biases against certain races and religions. It must be understood that we cannot group individuals together by a race, religion, or nationality for the purpose of hate and discrimination.

   We have come so far as a nation. Let us not fall back into the days of old, where our constitution only served some of our citizens. Let us not fall back into a time where citizens had to actually fear their government because of their religion or race. Is this not the reason we sailed to Plymouth Rock to begin with?

   Listen to the bone-chilling words of Robert Kennedy, as he speaks to a group of African Americans in Indianapolis, Indiana, announcing the death of Martin Luther King Jr. on April 4, 1968. As you listen, understand that, in this time, our nation faced a race war of blacks and whites. Let this be a reminder that policies of hate and vengeance never bear fruit in the end.

Why Do I Choose The Democratic Party?

As I hold my beliefs up and compare them to the party platforms of the political parties, I find that most, but not all, of my ideals and beliefs are reflected in the Democratic Party. This party favors the advancement of our entire population, not simply those wealthy enough to embrace it. It favors equality among the population, instead of special interests. It favors individual rights over bigotry.

Just because I am a Democrat does not mean I am 100% liberal. In fact, I have many conservative stances on abortion, marijuana legalization, and firearm control. I am more Democrat than Republican however, for I feel it is the best party to lead and succeed for the middle and lower class.

This is because I believe in equal opportunity for every citizen of the United States as well as common, regularly inspected social welfare systems that help provide and care for all of the truly deserving underprivileged and disabled citizens of the United States.

This is what bothers me about political parties. It groups individuals together that may have different views on some topics. I do, however, believe that the overwhelming majority of my constituents agree with many of my stances on several issues.

The oppression of the middle and lower class needs to come to an end, and I do not see this happening under Republican leadership. I support a capitalist economy. However, unrestrained capitalism leads to a downfall of democracy, eventually pitting large landholders and shareholders against those that may as well be called their slaves, and that is the middle and lower class.

Unions should not be treated as abominations, when, actually they serve a great purpose in this nation. When the government does not pull the rug out from under them, Unions serve as a voice and a bargaining mechanism for the entire working class of the United States.

Unions are not out to steal from the wealthy, but to bargain for a better wage for the lower and middle class. It would behoove one who agrees with anti-union views to check the records as they refer to the working conditions of the average worker in the world of unrestrained and unregulated capitalism in one of Andrew Carnegie’s steel factories.

"It is not much of an exaggeration to say that right now Republicans are doing all they can to hurt the poor. Every budget the GOP has offered since it took over the house in 2010

involved savage cuts in

Medicaid, food stamps,

and other anti-poverty


Paul Krugman

Nobel Winning Economist