Citizen's Rights


                 County Land Use

I believe in using all tools necessary to promote healthy industrial and economic development.

There are many areas of this county where economic development is, against the odds, stagnant at best.

This county is blessed to have an interstate with extremely high traffic volumes and ample opportunity for economic expansion at every exit.

We have squandered this opportunity for too long.

I fully support doing whatever is necessary to promote industrialization and growth at the Jonesville, Uniontown, and Crothersville exits.

It is absolutely embarrassing and absurd that we possess so many valuable tools in these exits, and we do not even use them to lure employers to Jackson County.

There is literally tons of development potential at every single one of these exits. However, not a single ounce of energy has been spent in the attempt to pull employers to this area and get more jobs for Jackson County.





Only peoples fortunate enough to live in a free country are fortunate enough to be able to use their own land as they see fit. 

In my opinion, this is one of the biggest issues that face citizens every day. Our governments have grown accustomed to implementing comprehensive planning and zoning diagrams that are drawn up by lawyers from other states attempting to dictate how we should operate our county.

I am completely against "Comprehensive Zoning Plans." I do believe that the county government is the single best tool in determining what can and cant be done in certain places.

HOWEVER, I strongly believe that the county should keep its nose out and leave citizens alone to use their land as they see fit.

The only place that government should indeed step in and impede the rights of one to use his or her own land as they see fit is if, by accomplishing the goals set forward by the changes requested, then they are trampling the rights or freedoms of others.

We all have the right to pursue happiness and prosperity, but not at the expense of others.

Hard Work


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I believe strongly in hard work. It doesn't have to be manual. It just needs to demand you to persist and conquer the task.

I believe in succeeding by doing the absolute best you can. I believe that no one loses if they gave everything that they have.

I will guarantee my constituents one thing, and that is that I will be the hardest working and most compassionate candidate that you can elect.

I will put forth the effort, as I do every day in my businesses, to help this county grow and succeed.

I will never stop on a task because it seems impossible. I will follow every problem put before me to its most manageable solution. Every time.

I believe in equality in all forms. I believe we should have equal access to employment, education, insurance, and protection under the law...regardless of social or economic status.

I do not believe that a rich child should get more opportunities of advancement or preferential treatment than that of a poor child.

I am a Christian man. I am a member of Mountain View Baptist Church; however, I attend Central Christian Church in Seymour.

I believe in God and the New Testament. I also believe in the separation of church and state and realize that this law exists for a reason.

I believe in the Constitution, and I believe it to be the greatest document of all time. I believe it has been the rope that has held all Americans together for over two hundred years. I believe that it is an amazing and durable document that has led our country like a beacon of light through so many terrible and dangerous times and it has heat-tempered this country into the nation it is today. There is nothing government can afford to allow that breaches the Constitution of the United States of America.

                                     Economic Development