Better Representation with Improved Communication

"Productivity is never an accident. It is always the result of a commitment to excellence, intelligent planning, and effort."

Paul J. Meyer

I plan to conduct much more in depth reviews of our transportation system upon election. The most basic job of this organization is, I believe, being poorly performed. I plan to have a standard road safety grading system that will compare all roads under county jurisdiction and give them a grade so that the county knows which roads in the jurisdiction are the most in need of repair.

A certain level of organization must be achieved, instead of simply driving down the road and stating “this road looks ok to me,” as we do now. This is a major disservice to the community and in itself is a laughable matter.

If a complaint is received, then we need to immediately investigate the claim and be able to positively determine whether action should be taken. The system is too laid-back currently, and provides a half-hearted service to those who call in.

It is no big secret how much taxpayers spend on prisoners and jail staff. One would be inclined to believe it to be a better idea to attempt to keep people from going to jail in the first place, other than stacking evermore prisoners in an already crowded jail. Jail should be a last resort; however, when it is necessary, then there are better ways to go about incarceration. 

One better way would be by boosting morale and giving prisoners something to work for. This will help stem re-incarceration rates. We need to implement programs where very low risk prisoners are granted small amounts of liberty through work release programs.

Instead of being locked into a cell and a huge burden on taxpayers, this individual now will be able to pay for his or her own incarceration and court costs as well as be a productive member to society, and connect with new individuals that may be able to help them with their problems.

Building more and bigger jails will never be the answer. We need to fix the issue instead of building a bigger box around it.

If an event transpires that merits on-site analysis, I will be willing to investigate matters first hand before making decisions. I do not believe that one can receive the full width and breadth of any situation by looking at an overhead map. I believe that on-site analysis will allow for a better informed decision.

I have no issues inspecting a road in Hamilton Township, the Library in Crothersville, a leak in the Jail, or even the equipment to maintenance these places. I will be there when needed and will give thorough evaluations to even the most mundane procedures and requests.

first hand involvement

work with county council to Tighten Spending Where Needed

Transparency will continue to exist after I am elected. It will be a sounding board for my constant communications with the constituents of this county. I will post opinions, facts, meeting minutes, and have a response section. I will make this website into a communication hub. No longer will you need to wonder what is happening in the commissioners meetings, because I will bring them into your living room.

I want any interested citizen to be able to use readily available equipment to be able to check the actions of their government from their own homes. I plan to utilize web service to allow everyone's involvement.

Saying "No"

Being the leader of many businesses for so long, I have long ago learned the meaning of the word "No". This may seem amusing to many, but public officials fear the word. I use it multiple times everyday.

I will not participate in this endeavor to make friends. I will participate only to do what needs to be done, and I will do what is right. I will review the facts in each proposal and always voice my opinion when needed, whether it is popular or not. I am trying to do what is best for all citizens in this county.

I take this very seriously. I have spent four years deciding whether I would be able to give the community what they need. I have decided that I can, and will, be the best choice for this office in 2016.


push prisoner reform

When the county road in front of my Uniontown tire store became in need of repair, the county came out and tore the asphalt from the roadway.

In its place, they left layers of gravel.

All summer of this year, our store, everything in it, and all the vehicles outside were constantly coated with gravel dust.

There were four wrecks associated with the loose gravel base that was installed along two sharp curves this summer. One involving injury.

As fall approached, I contacted the County Road Superintendent, and he informed me that there weren't enough funds to fix the road correctly.

Instead, there would be chip and seal applied instead of asphalt. After I informed him of the incidents, he half heartedly pledged to fix it better next year to get me off the phone.

It is astounding to me that this government cannot even fulfill its most basic service.

I will work to fix the budget shortfalls that prevent our government from repairing our infrastructure correctly and insuring public safety.

Government needs to realize that it's the constituents who own their own land, and pay taxes on it also. Therefore, the government is unable to instruct citizens on how they can use their own land. I do not believe in comprehensive zoning plans that are created by lawyers from other counties. These "comprehensive plans" are created to inhibit the ability of law-abiding free landowners from using their land how they see fit.

I will not be a part of an organization that restricts the right of an individual to use his or her own property at his or her own will for the sake of government interests at the behest of lawyers that know nothing of the current situation at hand.

Although, with all circumstances, I will weigh every situation independently. If a situation arises that causes harm or injury to neighboring property or property owners, their freedoms must also be taken into account. One cannot pursue their freedom while trampling another's freedom and enjoyment.

My Plan


LET PEOPLE use Their LAND as they see fit

Improve Infrastructure

My plan is to better represent my constituents by way of allowing forums and direct communication as well as making the government of Jackson County the most transparent government in the great State of Indiana.

I will form a website that will be updated regularly, informing all constituents of every aspect of my service to the people. The people will know what happens at all commissioners meetings as well as knowing what I am doing for them on a daily basis. I will report the findings of all requests on the page.

The page will also feature an email link that will allow voters to email me directly. These worries and concerns will each receive a tailored response from myself. Never will an email go unanswered.  For example, if an individual believes their road to be in a state of serious safety concern, for example, that individual need only email my office from their own living room and I will review the document, respond initially, inspect the road myself, and, if necessary, take action with other commissioners.

One would not, in theory, be forced initially to attend a hearing just to have a road inspection. Only to have to come back again for a later hearing.

This is easily solvable with the technology available today. Government and people will again be able to communicate freely.

With this measure, I want people to begin trusting government again, and I want to take the first steps toward achieving that. It is very important to remember at all times that government exists to serve, not to rule, the people. I am going to do everything in my power to serve this county to the best of my ability given the opportunity.

I am a very vocal individual. I will tell you how I think, and I will tell you if I disagree with something. I will be honest and outspoken about every aspect of this job. I plan to represent the people of the county instead of the interests of large companies.

No one can or will persuade me to do something other than what is in the best interest of the citizens. I will listen to both sides of all debates, and will decide what is best for the county. I work for myself and am owned by no one. I will make decisions based on what I believe is right.


It is apparent that Jackson County is in need of an animal rescue facility. Many individuals are coming together in an attempt to raise funds to construct an animal shelter for abandoned and stray animals. We need to attempt to locate a home for these animals that have already been mistreated.

Through the heroic efforts of the Red Sky non-profit shelter, our county has, thus far, been able to exist without proper animal control facilities. This burden has been carried for far too long by the staff of Red Sky, and our county is no better able to deal with this situation than it has ever been.

A centrally located facility would be beneficial to everyone in the county, and the county government should do its utmost in order to assist those that show an interest in helping resolve this issue in a humane manner.