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8-14-16: Had an awesome time in the parade today! I hope the veterans realize how much we all appreciate them. I do not think that they could ever get enough praise for what they have sacrificed upon the altar of freedom. May the Lord bless each and every one of them.

7-21-16- I rode with EMS again today. This time, I was at the Brownstown station. I believe that this department needs many things, and I hop to get the opportunity to help these men and women. They are, in my opinion, the most overlooked and unappreciated department in this county. I rode a full shift and got a good idea what these individuals go through on a daily basis.

7-25-16 through 7-30-16: I had a great time at the Jackson County Fair. I was able to be on site every day and was able to meet many new people. So many concerns were brought up, and I am thrilled to be able to discuss way with all of you how we can make this county better. Our booth had a constant flow of people and we all had a very good time. From the demolition Derby to the hit and miss engines. I was able to take it all in.

9-9-16: I was contacted by cell phone by Jerald Owens concerning the condition of the roads, or lack thereof, at the subdivision commonly referred to as Martha’s Vineyard.

9-7-16: We finally have some large signs coming ready to install. I thought I would have trouble finding places to put them, but all of the first batch have already found locations. Now I have more people calling me wanting more. This is what makes campaigning so rewarding. The support that we are shown is awesome. I love Jackson County.

9-1-16: We have decided to make our own large signs. We are excited and ready to put the effort forth necessary. It is very rewarding when you pass a sign by the road and know that you built that. You didn't simply pay someone to make it for you. I hope the voters see this difference also.

8-24-16: I attended a special class presented at the Seymour City Hall about tax abatements. Since I am very much in favor of growing our interstate exits and encouraging industrialization of these areas, I figured I should definitely attend this class to learn the ins and outs of tax abatements.

8-23-16: I attended a fundraiser for Linda Henderson. Linda is running for State Senate and is a great candidate. She is a proud Indiana native, and ready to go to the plate for her constituents. Overall, it was a great turnout, and we all wish Linda the best in her race.

8-22-16: I rode along with the EMS again today. I appreciate them allowing me such full, unhindered access to what they do and also for the opinions that are provided in how we can make this department better and more efficient. Thank you to all of our first responders. We are lucky as a community to have these men and women watching over us every day.

9-14-16: Met tonight with a small group of EMS employees and had some discussions on how to improve our county departments. I am proud to tell everyone that if I am elected, it will not be business as usual. I want to find creative ways to better our departments and make them run more efficiently.

9-12-16: We have begun to install out campaign signs around the county. In order to show an ability to be fiscally conservative, I made my own large signs. I planned in the beginning to run a small, efficient campaign instead of an inefficient costly venture. I believe how one runs a campaign is how they will lead the county.

9-11-16: I attended the Democrat hog roast on behalf of Shelli Yoder. I am thoroughly impressed with Shelli. She is running against Trey Hollingsworth, who just moved here from Tennessee last year. Unlike Trey, Shelli is a true Hoosier. She knows what values are in southern Indiana. She makes herself available to the people and listens to concerns. I know who I am voting for U.S. Congress. Go Shelli!

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9-10-16: Met with Jerry Owens and a portion of the current Martha’s Vineyard homeowners and observed the issues at hand. Jerry informed me that Kenny Spore was the initial developer for Martha’s Vineyard. The project was under Heritage Development LLC. Mr. Spore defaulted on the project after building some of the homes in the subdivision and never finished top coating the roads. There are three roads in question. (Lydia Lane, Janelle Drive, and Meredith Drive) There are now forty-two homes in the subdivision. In the passing years, the roads have deteriorated into gravel in some spots. Home owners have added bags of concrete and patching to keep the roads barely passable. I am glad to possibly be able to help these taxpayers in the future.