Most county residents have never, and will never see what a commissioners meeting looks like. We know they happen, but have no idea when. It does no good to worry about such things, because the commissioners are, for the most part, inaccessible to ordinary Americans.

Yet another way to help inmates is to give them meaningful objectives to accomplish during their terms of incarceration. Their is nothing to lose and much to gain by county support of a humane animal shelter on the jail grounds. The inmates could, in turn, assist in the care of the animals until they are able to locate suitable homes. Most that reside in rural areas are aware of the persistent problems faced when animals are dropped illegally nearby.  There must be better avenues to handle this situation.

It seems common sense to me that this establishment accomplishes multiple objectives for relatively small cost. I am fully in favor of the construction of a county animal shelter in Jackson County.

Niels Bohr


The Issues We Face Today


We need to initiate a complete grading system for roads that allow the worst and most heavily travelled roads first priority and begin repairing what decades of neglect has dismantled. Public safety is not a trading block for an irresponsible government financial program.

The people feel that they are paying taxes upon taxes for nothing. The problem is that for the most part, these feelings are justified. We run into issues most often when we get a long sitting office holder that has lost spark and initiative in their work. We find that it is hard or impossible to contact them, and when we finally do, we get a story about how there isn’t enough money to fix things properly. We need fresh faces, and fresh ideas.

It certainly is no surprise that a huge portion of our budget is spent holding prisoners in our county jail. I would first like to state that I am thankful to the men and women in law enforcement for all they do every day. Second, I would like to see the county ease this burden on our funds as well as the deputies and jailers by implementing more work release programs for smaller violations. A prisoner is much better at work with an ankle bracelet than sitting in jail eating county taxpayer rations. We also need to assist those with drug addictions to try to keep them from returning in the future.

The most famous political words ever spoken are:


This is commonly followed by no action.

Quite simply, if anyone doubts my ability to get things done, they can look no further than East Laurel Street in Seymour IN. After multiple failed attempts through the regular channels to remove drug dealers from the neighborhood, I purchased the houses they lived in and demolished them.

You have to look no further than my ability to make executive decisions on a daily basis at my five prosperous business establishments.

Our government, at this level, will decide no policies or make any decisions based solely on party lines. County government needs to work together and bridge the gap of political parties. We need to work together to find the best decision, and then make that decision.




"Great and deep difficulty bears in itself its own solution. It forces us to change our thinking in order to find it."


It seems that many that are in power today, wish to "purge" the County offices of any individual that is not of their political viewpoint.

Let us not base our decision on what party someone belongs to at this level of government, but rather, we should base our decision on how well we think that individual will perform at the position.

We need to improve our road system. Instead of actually fixing roads, and helping our transportation infrastructure, roads are being cobbled together in an effort to simply get by. It is the job of these individuals to set aside enough funds to fix these roads properly and make them safe for travel. Once again, safety and well-being is at stake in many areas.


In this day and time, due to long work hours and minimum free time, Americans do not have time to watch their government. This has led to an ever eroding relationship between government and the people it serves.

This is exactly why, when I am elected, this site will continue to function and be a sound board for all residents. I also, out of my own pocket, will purchase a cell phone for the constituents to contact me. This will be the only use for this phone. I am dedicated to the constituents of Jackson County.