Someone that cares

I am sickened at the way government looks at problems. Each problem has a real and unique solution that works for the majority of all constituents. We need leaders that are willing to put forth the effort to find the solution that benefits the majority and respects everyone’s rights instead of simply passing issues through because certain people ask.


What should you expect from me if I am elected?

The Problem Solving Skills of a Sole Propreitor


"When I stand before God at the end of my life, I would hope that I would not have a bit of talent left.

Then I could say to Him "I used everything you gave me.""

Erma Bombeck


I wish for more scrutiny of decisions at the level of Commissioner and more conservatism on budget spending. I want reasons and explanations for all expenditures.

I want there to be funds available so that paved roads remain paved.

I want to share all financial decisions with my constituents and let them know why I voted the way I did.

I want to bring back the trust that our government lost so long ago. I want to restore the faith of the citizens that government can be just, right, and honest.

Marcy Kapur (D) Representative of Ohio writes:

"People are rapidly losing hope and trust. They believe their government has been captured by special interests and no longer cares about them, and they are right."

I tell you today, where transparency fails, trust shall surely fade.

A government that hides things must, surely, have something to hide.

Bring all government dealings into the light, easily accessible to those that wish to check it, and trust shall prevail.

How many times have you heard, "I'll look into that" or "We will see what we can do"?

Then, nothing gets done. This is precisely why government gets a bad name. Inaction is rampant.

I, on the other hand, see problems and act on them. I rally support and get the job done.

An example of this consists of four houses on Laurel Street in an area where drugs were once rampant.

My Seymour store was next to these establishments. We would find drugs and paraphernalia, including used needles, everywhere.

After multiple calls to police organizations, with little to no result, Smith's Tire Sales determined to purchase these slum houses and repair the problem ourselves.

Some of the houses still had occupants that were still in the business of selling drugs at this point.

Smith's Tire Sales took measures to evacuate all structures, and demolished every last one.

Today, Laurel Street is bouncing back. Two new houses were built on the same block last year. Where these terrible places once stood, this year a commercial center will occupy.

Where once drugs were dealt from one peddler to another... soon, an establishment will exist to benefit the entire community with jobs, taxes, and new retail spots.

I asked for no government assistance in removing the structures from 109-117 East Laurel Street.

I just did it, for the betterment of everyone.

Very conservative budget spending

I am not coming before you asking for a job. I have plenty of jobs and titles already that I attend to.

I am simply looking to make a difference for the community that has given so much to me. I want to make life better for the people of this county.

I wish to make this office work for these people. I want these people to be able to go to my website and see what their elected officials are doing for them and see if their common beliefs and opinions are being held up in their government.

I will make this office more accessible to you than it has ever been before. Your interaction will not stop the minute that you drop your ballot in the slot. You will be able to communicate with me directly through the email link on this page.

You will be able to give opinions on various issues that face our government today, and receive tailored responses to these worries. You will have the ability to, in essence, sit with me during the meetings and deliberations without so much as attending.

It frustrates me every day, how Americans work so hard and pay so many taxes so that their governments can disperse these funds in ways that they don’t know, because they do not have access to the records because of time constraints. I want to bring these records into your living room at a click.

Someone of Action Instead of Talk